Delivery & Installation


Site Survey

To ensure that your property is ready and prepared for hot tub installation, a full site survey can be carried out by one of our engineers.

This allows us to review the access the installation engineers will have to work with. When the site survey is complete you will then be given a date and time for installation.


Access into Property

We look to find an entry point that is ideally one metre wide with a 2-metre clearance around it. We will also need a turning circle around any corners.

In some instances, where due to limited access, YOU will need to hire a HIAB or crane for the hot tub to be lifted into your garden. We’ll determine this during the site survey.


Where to site your Spa?



Your spa must be sited on a solid, flat, level base. The required dimensions for your base will depend on the hot tub model. Refer to the brochure for the exact size, then add 60cm around either edge and the back to allow for maintenance, access and cover lifter. Remember to leave 70cm for the steps.

The base can be either a 100mm concrete slab or suitably strengthened (at least 400mm centred bearers) timber decking or existing patio area assuming it has suitable foundations of hardcore as opposed to sand. Whatever base area is chosen, it must be of suitable load bearing capacity. The spa must not be sited on bare earth or grass, as there is a risk of settling or subsidence. Please ensure your base has suitable drainage. Structural damage caused by unsuitable base construction will invalidate your warranty.

Please be advised that it is not suitable to site your spa beneath overhead cables or below ground level.

You should also consider seasonal changes when siting your spa. For example, siting your spa under trees may look nice in the summer and provide plenty of privacy, but come autumn, you may find it difficult to keep your spa clean and come winter, you may lose your privacy.

For many people, privacy is an important factor if it poses a problem for you, you may wish to consider a gazebo. Many of our customers have found a gazebo is ideal for privacy and as a changing facility for all year-round use.



If you have decided to site your spa indoors, it is important to ensure that the floor is of a suitable load bearing capacity to carry the weight of spa, water and occupants. The floor should be level and not be adversely affected by water. Carpeted or laminate floors are not suitable. A non-slip ceramic tiled floor is ideal.

Ensure that there is plenty of ventilation to prevent moisture affecting your walls and ceiling. You may wish to consider purchasing a suitable de-humidifier to assist in this process and this is especially recommended if siting your spa in a log cabin or similar structure. Also, remember that your spa will require emptying every 12 to 14 weeks so there will need to be suitable drainage facilities nearby in order to empty your spa from the drain valve, located at the base of one side of your spa.

A minimum of 60cm access around each side of the spa for servicing is required. Merlin’s holds no responsibility for the drainage, removal or refilling of the spa. Dependant on which model you have purchased, pumps and other serviceable components will be located on one or two sides of the spa. Check with your supplier for clarification on your model. Please be aware this product is designed for outdoor use, any damage incurred due to water ingress will not be covered.


Electrical Requirements

Most spas require a dedicated 32amp power supply through an RCD trip (please confirm exact power for model chosen with sales staff).
This supply MUST be tested and certified by an electrician, stating that the installation is safe and that it is providing the correct voltage.
The supply should terminate at an outdoor rotary isolator switch at least 2 metres away from the spa (you should not be able to reach it from the spa).

The electrician should connect a further length of cable to the isolator switch – Please note that your electrician should leave enough spare cable to reach the farthest side of the tub.

Our engineers are able to connect this cable inside the hot tub.

We will not be responsible for connecting any cables, which are not fitted to the above specification requirements and our engineers cannot carry out any work or touch any other connections other than the end of the cable that they connect into the spa.

If any of the above requirements are not met, and the connection cannot be completed, there will be a charge of £125 for a return visit to complete the delivery once the requirements are met. Please note that any additional date will be subject to our pre-booked delivery schedule.



The best means of filling your spa is with a garden hosepipe. Please ensure that you have one readily available. If you are aware that your water pressure is poor, we should be advised prior to delivery. The design of our spas allows for easy drainage, again, using the hosepipe which conveniently fits onto the drain valve situated at the base of your spa. Ideally, you should empty the water to a nearby drain. You may wish to purchase a suitable submersible pump to speed up this process.


Delivery, Installation and Commissioning

With the survey complete, the ground works finished and the electrics all sorted, there’s just the installation to take care of. Below you’ll find great pointers to make the day go smoothly.

  • Ensure somebody that is well-informed is present on the day of installation. If you have opted for a finance package, the person that the finance is signed by will need to be present on the day.
  • The installation team will complete the fitting once the hot tub is manoeuvred into place.
  • The hot tub is then wired to the electrics already in place
  • Then comes the water. All it takes is a hosepipe connected to your tap and away we go.
  • Over the course of a few hours your hot tub will fill and once at the right water level, it can be switched on and commissioned by the engineers.
  • Your installation engineer will check through all the settings and functions to ensure everything is working properly.
  • This is the time when it benefits you to be at home as the engineer can show you first-hand how to operate and enjoy the hot tub to its maximum. They will also run through some chemical training.


Delivery Terms and Conditions

Available on purchase of hot tub.